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Atlantic Salmon Ecosystems Research Team (ASERT)

The Atlantic Salmon Ecosystems Research Team (ASERT) offices are located at the Maine Field Station in Orono, Maine and the NEFSC on Water Street in Woods Hole, Massachusetts. Research work conducted by ASERT is primarily in support of endangered US Atlantic Salmon populations and the ecosystems that support these iconic fish. An essential part of these ecosystems is the diadromous fish community - river herring, American shad, rainbow smelt and 8 other species. We study the population dynamics of US Atlantic salmon populations from smolt through adult-return stages with emphasis on estuary and marine mortality factors and cumulative impacts of dams. We conduct original research and assessment work in select Maine rivers and estuaries, the Gulf of Maine and the Northeast shelf into the northern Labrador Sea and coastal Greenland using an integrated trapping, marking, telemetry, trawling, and modeling program while supporting international collaboration to understand salmon marine ecology more fully. In support of managers, ASERT scientists report results annually in US Atlantic Salmon Assessment Committee Report and the ICES Working Group on North Atlantic Salmon,and in scientific fora. This work supports conservation of salmon and their ecosystems through actions mandated under the the Endangered Species Act and in support of the international efforts of the North Atlantic Salmon Conservation Organization.

collage of salmon team images with text: Our team studies salmon ecosystems using technology to support management

NOAA's National Marine Fisheries Service
Northeast Fisheries Science Center - Maine Field Center
17 Godfrey Drive - Suite 1
Orono, Maine 04473
Phone: 207 866-7322
Fax: (207) 866-7342

Questions can be emailed to Sarah Bailey and Marija Grange

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