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Northeast Fisheries Science Center Publications

Center Reference Document Series (1989-present)

CRDs are listed in reverse chronological order. Bold-faced titles are available online and linked. To obtain a copy of a CRD not available online, contact the Woods Hole Laboratory Library. For lab reference publications prior to 1989, see the series information page.

If you are a NEFSC employee interested in submitting a document for publication in the CRD series, download the guidelines or email Jarita Davis (508 495-2228)

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CRD 19-15: Workshop Report: Introduction and Overview of the ROAM (RAFOS Ocean Acoustic Monitoring) Approach to Marine Tracking by Kristen Bronger and Timothy F Sheehan. October 2019.

CRD 19-14: Assessing Distributional Impacts Stemming from a Methodological Change in the Multispecies Fishery Combined Coverage Monitoring Program by Samantha Werner, Chad Demarest, and Eric Thunberg. October 2019.

CRD 19-13: Serious Injury and Mortality Determinations for Baleen Whale Stocks along the Gulf of Mexico, United States East Coast, and Atlantic Canadian Provinces, 2012-2016 by Allison Henry, Mendy Garron, Andrew Reid, David Morin, Wayne Ledwell, Timothy VN Cole. August 2019.

CRD 19-12: The International Sampling Program: Continent of Origin and Biological Characteristics of Atlantic Salmon Collected at West Greenland in 2017 by Timothy F Sheehan, Jill Barber, Audrey Dean, Denise Deschamps, Paddy Gargan, Graham Goulette, Hugo Maxwell, Ida Tavner, Rasmus Nygaard, Ian R Bradbury, Martha J Robertson, Niall Ó Maoiléidigh. October 2019.

CRD 19-11: 38th Milford Aquaculture Seminar, January 8-10, 2018 edited by Patricia Widman. October 2019.

CRD 19-10: Current Status of Knowledge, Data, and Research Efforts on Atlantic Salmon at Greenland: What Do We Have, What Do We Need, and What Should We Do Moving Forward? by Timothy Sheehan. July 2019.

CRD 19-09: Program and Abstracts from the 2018 Atlantic Salmon Ecosystems Forum, by Mark D Renkawitz, Rory Saunders, and Sarah L Bailey. May 2019.

CRD 19-08: 66th Northeast Regional Stock Assessment Workshop (66th SAW) Assessment Report, by the Northeast Fisheries Science Center. April 2019.

CRD 19-07: Description of Oceanographic Conditions on the Northeast US Continental Shelf during 2016, by Paula S Fratantoni, Tamara Holzwarth-Davis, Donald C Melrose, and Maureen H Taylor. May 2019.

CRD 19-06: Improving the NEFSC Clam Survey for Atlantic Surfclams and Ocean Quahogs, by Larry Jacobson and Daniel Hennen. May 2019.

CRD 19-05: Serious Injury Determinations for Small Cetaceans and Pinnipeds Caught in Commercial Fisheries off the Northeast US Coast, 2012-2016, by Elizabeth Josephson, Frederick Wenzel, and Marjorie C Lyssikatos. March 2019.

CRD 19-04: Estimates of Cetacean and Pinniped Bycatch in the 2016 New England Sink and Mid-Atlantic Gillnet Fisheries, by Christopher D Orphanides. March 2019.

CRD 19-03: Matching Northeast Biological Samples to Dealer-reported Commercial Landings, 2006-2015, by Brian C Linton. March 2019.

CRD 19-02: Developing Sampling Strategies to Assess the Penobscot River Estuary (2010-2013), by Christine A Lipsky, Rory Saunders, Justin R Stevens, Michael O’Malley, and Paul Music. April 2019.

CRD 19-01: 66th Northeast Regional Stock Assessment Workshop (66th SAW) Assessment Summary Report, by the Northeast Fisheries Science Center. February 2019.

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