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Northeast Fisheries Science Center Publications

spencer baird
Spencer Fullerton Baird

As the research arm of the NOAA National Marine Fisheries Service's 19-state Northeast Region, the Northeast Fisheries Science Center (NEFSC) annually produces about 350 scientific and technical publications, reports, and abstracts, and sponsors many other such works through contracts, grants, and cooperative programs. This webpage provides access to these works.

Newest Publications by NEFSC Authors

Murray KT. 2019. Estimated magnitude of sea turtle interactions and mortality in US bottom trawl gear, 2014-2018. NOAA Tech Memo NMFS-NE 260; 19 p.

Orphanides CD. 2020. Estimates of cetacean and pinniped bycatch in the 2017 New England sink and Mid-Atlantic gillnet fisheries. NEFSC Ref Doc 20-03; 16 p.

Northeast Fisheries Science Center. 2020. Operational assessment of the black sea bass, scup, bluefish, and monkfish stocks, updated through 2018. NEFSC Ref Doc 20-01; 160 p.

Josephson E, Wenzel F, Lyssikatos MC. 2019. Serious injury determinations for small cetaceans and pinnipeds caught in commercial fisheries off the Northeast US coast, 2013-2017. NEFSC Ref Doc 19-17; 29 p.

Vasta M. 2019. Network Analysis of the Northeast Multispecies (Groundfish) Annual Catch Entitlement (ACE) Transfer Network (May 2010 – April 2016). NOAA Tech Memo NMFS-NE 259; 42 p.

Hogan F, Didden J, Gustafson K, Keane E, Legault C, Linden D, Murray K, Palmer D, Potts D, Tholke C, Weeks S, Wigley S. 2019. Standardized Bycatch Reporting Methodology 3-year Review Report 2018. NOAA Tech Memo NMFS-NE 257; 195 p.

Widman P. 2019. 38th Milford Aquaculture Seminar, January 8-10, 2018. US Dept Commer, Northeast Fish Sci Cent Ref Doc. 19-11; 54 p.

Bronger K, Sheehan TF. 2019. Workshop report: Introduction and overview of the ROAM (RAFOS Ocean Acoustic Monitoring) approach to marine tracking. US Dept Commer, Northeast Fish Sci Cent Ref Doc. 19-15; 82 p.

Sheehan TF, Barber J, Dean A, Deschamps D, Gargan P, Goulette G, Maxwell H, Tavner I, Nygaard R, Bradbury IR, Robertson MJ, Ó Maoiléidigh N. 2019. The International sampling program: Continent of origin and biological characteristics of Atlantic salmon collected at West Greenland in 2017. US Dept Commer, Northeast Fish Sci Cent Ref Doc. 19-12; 44 p.

Werner S, Demarest C, Thunberg E. 2019. Assessing distributional impacts stemming from a methodological change in the multispecies fishery combined coverage monitoring program. US Dept Commer, Northeast Fish Sci Cent Ref Doc. 19-14; 20 p.

Henry A, Garron M, Reid A, Morin D, Ledwell W, Cole TVN. 2019. Serious injury and mortality determinations for baleen whale stocks along the Gulf of Mexico, United States East Coast, and Atlantic Canadian Provinces, 2012-2016. US Dept Commer, Northeast Fish Sci Cent Ref Doc. 19-13; 54 p.

Sheehan T. 2019. Current status of knowledge, data, and research efforts on Atlantic salmon at Greenland: what do we have, what do we need, and what should we do moving forward? US Dept Commer, Northeast Fish Sci Cent Ref Doc. 19-10; 89 p.

Northeast Fisheries Science Center. 2019. 2019 observer sea days by trip selection system. NOAA Tech Memo NMFS-NE 256; 24 p.

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