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Spencer Fullerton Baird

As the research arm of the NOAA National Marine Fisheries Service's 19-state Northeast Region, the Northeast Fisheries Science Center (NEFSC) annually produces about 350 scientific and technical publications, reports, and abstracts, and sponsors many other such works through contracts, grants, and cooperative programs. This webpage provides access to these works.

Newest Publications by NEFSC Authors

Hayes SA, Josephson E, Maze-Foley K, Rosel PE. 2019. US Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico Marine Mammal Stock Assessments - 2018. NOAA Tech Memo NMFS-NE 258; 291 p.

McElroy WD, O’Brien L, Blaylock J, Martin MH, Rago PJ, HoeyJJ, Sheremet VA. 2019. Design, implementation, and results of a cooperative research Gulf of Maine longline survey, 2014-2017. NOAA Tech Memo NMFS-NE 249; 155 p.

Jacobson L, Hennen D. 2019. Improving the NEFSC clam survey for Atlantic surfclams and ocean quahogs. US Dept Commer, Northeast Fish Sci Cent Ref Doc. 19-06; 89 p.

Fratantoni PS, Holzwarth-Davis T, Melrose DC, Taylor MH. 2019. Description of oceanographic conditions on the Northeast US Continental Shelf during 2016. US Dept Commer, Northeast Fish Sci Cent Ref Doc. 19-07; 39 p.

Renkawitz MD, Saunders R, Bailey SL. 2019. Program and abstracts from the 2018 Atlantic Salmon Ecosystems Forum. US Dept Commer, Northeast Fish Sci Cent Ref Doc. 19-09; 84 p.

Lipsky CA, Saunders R, Stevens JR, O’Malley M, Music P. 2019. Developing sampling strategies to assess the Penobscot River estuary (2010-2013). NEFSC Ref Doc 19-02; 56 p.

Northeast Fisheries Science Center (NEFSC). 2019. 66th Northeast Regional Stock Assessment Workshop (66th SAW) Assessment Report. US Dept Commer, Northeast Fish Sci Cent Ref Doc. 19-08; 1170 p.

Redman DH, Nelson DA, Roy J, Goldberg R, Scott TM, Rust MB, Mercaldo-Allen R. 2019. A pilot study using graded yellow mealworm (Tenebrio molitor) meal in formulated diets for growth performance of black sea bass (Centropristis striata,). NOAA Tech Memo NMFS-NE 253; 15 p.

Linton BC. 2019. Matching Northeast biological samples to dealer-reported commercial landings, 2006-2015. US Dept Commer, Northeast Fish Sci Cent Ref Doc. 19-03; 71 p.

Pace RM 3rd, Josephson E, Wood SA, Murray K, Waring GT. 2019. Trends and patterns of seal abundance at haul-out sites in a gray seal recolonization zone. NOAA Tech Memo NMFS-NE 251; 17 p.

Josephson E, Wenzel F, Lyssikatos MC. 2019. Serious injury determinations for small cetaceans and pinnipeds caught in commercial fisheries off the Northeast US Coast, 2012-2016. US Dept Commer, Northeast Fish Sci Cent Ref Doc. 19-05; 27 p.

Orphanides CD. 2019. Estimates of cetacean and pinniped bycatch in the 2016 New England sink and Mid-Atlantic gillnet fisheries. US Dept Commer, Northeast Fish Sci Cent Ref Doc. 19-04; 12 p.

Sigourney DB, Orphanides CD, Hatch JM. 2019. Estimates of seabird bycatch in commercial fisheries off the East Coast of the United States from 2015 to 2016. NOAA Tech Memo NMFS-NE 252; 25 p.

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