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"Fabulous! The NOAA staff were engaging and energetic. They had my class on the edge of their seats and eager to participate. They had students up and moving around to complete hands on activities and play games to further their understanding of bioacoustics. They were very knowledgeable as well as savvy with classroom management. A great experience!"

-Falmouth Teacher

NOAA Outreach and Education on Protected Species

"Scientists Teaching Science"

The Protected Species Branch (PSB) at the Northeast Fisheries Science Center (NEFSC) in Woods Hole, MA developed a program to create core educational materials relating to key marine mammal topics and our research done at NEFSC. We offer free 1-hour lessons with hands-on activities, presentations, and projects on marine mammals for K-5 classrooms. All lessons relate to MA state curriculum standards.

Our goal is to bring something new and exciting to classrooms that students may not otherwise be exposed to (such as a sperm whale rib). All our materials are available to download for educators who are not local, with activity adjustments suggested. If we visit your classroom, or you use any of our materials, please give us feedback!
students with seal skull students with marine debris net NOEPS activity in action NOEPS activity in action students with sperm whale rib NOEPS activity in action NOEPS lesson whale morse code activity NOEPS lesson skeleton activity blind find activity bioacoustics lesson skeleton activity blind find activity NOEPS activity in action students with artifacts NOEPS activity in action NOEPS activity in action

Lesson Topics

Food Webs
Food Web Diagram
Adaptations and Climate Change
Ice Calving
Marine Mammals in Our Backyard
North Atlantic right whale
Threats Facing Marine Mammals
Entangled Right Whale
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