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crowd looking at Albatross IV Credit: Shelley Dawicki
Officers making logbook entry next to original ship's wheel Operations Officer Jonathan Heesh (left) makes the last entry into the ship's logbook. At right is Third Officer Pete Langlois. In front is the original wheel, which will be displayed in the Woods Hole Science Aquarium. Credit: Teri Frady/NOAA

NOAA Ship Albatross IV: Images from the Decommissioning Ceremony

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More images and video clips for the Albatross IV decommissioning ceremony, reception and tours of the ship can be found below and in the related links:

Acting NOAA Administrator William Brennan addresses the audience. Brennan sailed 100 days aboard the Albatross IV. (Credit: Shelley Dawicki//NOAA)

A large crowd was on hand despite frigid weather (Credit: Teri Frady/NOAA)

Other Ceremony Speakers (left to right): LCDR Patrick Niemeyer, CHC, USN, Chaplin, USCG Sector Southeastern New England; Albatross IV commanding officer, Master Stephen Wagner; Capt. Emily B. Christman, OMAO,  commanding officer, MOC-Atlantic; Dr. Nancy B. Thompson, NEFSC Science and Research Director; RADM John W. Bailey, director of NOAA OMAO and NOAA’s Commissioned Officer Corps (Credit: Teri Frady/NOAA)

A Time to Catch Up Terry Smith (right), former NEFSC economist and current NMFS liaison to NOAA's National Sea Grant College Program, greets former colleague Peter Holmes, now with EPA. Seated behind Terry in the orange jacket is fishery biologist John Galbraith, who spent 637 at sea on the Albatross IV. (Credit: Teri Frady/NOAA)

A Salute to the Albatross IV from the NOAA Corps (Credit: Teri Frady/NOAA)

Captain Stephen Wagner accepts the ship's pennant (Credit: Teri Frady/NOAA)

Dr. Herbert Graham, 102, with son David at the reception. Dr. Graham was present when the new ship arrived in Woods Hole in November 1962, when it was decommissioned, and when it departed Woods Hole for the last time on December 5, 2008. He passed away in January 2009 at age 103. (Credit: Teri Frady/ NOAA)

A Special Cake, later cut with the ceremonial sword pictured at bottom. (Credit: Linda Despres/NOAA)

Lots of Memories Chuck Hersey (right) looks at images as Larry Brady decorates the main lab with photos for the ship tours after the ceremony (Credit: Linda Despres/NOAA)

The Albatross IV Commemorative Video Captured Everyone's Interest (Credit: Shelley Dawicki/NOAA)

A Common Bond Sam Nickerson (left), Pat Twohig (center) and Jim Crossen were on the first bottom trawl survey aboard Albatross IV November 13 to December 16, 1963. Each spent more than 600 days at sea aboard the vessel before they retired. (Credit: Linda Despres/NOAA)

Former Captain Jack Moakley and Chief Boatswain Tony Viera (Credit: Shelley Dawicki/NOAA)

The First and Last: First Officers Robert Cusick (right) and Donn Pratt (Credit: Linda Despres/NOAA)

Linda Despres and former Albatross IV engineers Jim Kelley (left) and Joe Hough (right) (Credit: Shelley Dawicki/NOAA)

Former Shipmates Chuck Hersey (left), Grady Abney and Anthime Brunette (Credit: Shelley Dawicki/NOAA)

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