Hélène Scalliet

Acting Planning Officer

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Hélène joined NOAA in 2004 as a program analyst for the Policy and Planning Division for the Office of National Marine Sanctuaries. During this time, she has had the chance to coordinate the expansion and designation of several national marine sanctuaries. She oversees the process to review and produce updated multi-year management plans to guide future activities in each of the 13 national marine sanctuaries, to assure the long-term protection of marine resources. She also coordinates the development of policy guidance on issues of local and national importance. Prior to her time at NOAA, she worked as a technician at the Marine Science Institute at the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB). She holds a Masters of Environmental Science and Management from the Donald Bren School of Environmental Science and Management at UCSB, with an emphasis on Marine and Coastal Resources Management and a B.S. in Aquatic Biology from UCSB.

Although she came to NOAA with a science background, her work has been centered on marine policy and she's grateful for the opportunity to rub elbows with scientists again during her time with the Northeast Fisheries Science Center. As part of NOAA's LCDP, Hélène will fill in the duties of Planning Officer for the NEFSC until the end of February 2020. She's bringing her bike, sea kayak, and cross-country skis and will welcome any tips on how to maximize her (fun) time in Woods Hole.