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Credit: Shelley Dawicki, NOAA/NEFSC
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Delaware II Cruise Helps Maintain Ocean Data Buoys in Gulf of Maine

April 16, 2012

Delaware II departed Woods Hole April 10 on a week-long trip to service the NERACOOS buoys in the Gulf of Maine, which are part of a network of buoys which collect ocean and weather data relied on by mariners, the US Coast Guard, fishers, researchers, weather forecasters and many others.  Scientists from the University of Maine, which operates and maintains the buoys, are onboard.

Mooring operations will include complete recovery and redeployment of mooring gear, including anchors, as well as repairs to several other buoys, among them buoy M, which the Delaware II recovered in December 2011 after it separated from its mooring. Additional buoys and related equipment will be loaded on the ship during a mid-cruise port call in Portland, Maine and deployed before the Delaware II returns to the NEFSC’s Woods Hole Laboratory.

Ocean currents will be measured by a ship-mounted Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler data  (ADCP) and a variety of oceanographic data will be collected along the entire cruise track; surface seawater temperature, salinity and fluorescence will be measured with the ship’s flow-through thermosalinograph and fluorometer.

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