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NOAA’s Northeast Fisheries Science Center (NEFSC) offers intern programs in fisheries, marine, and environmental science. The NEFSC also provides some intern opportunities for students interested in social sciences, resource management and policy, IT and data management. Questions about NEFSC intern programs may be directed to the NEFSC Academic Programs Office. Questions about NEFSC jobs may be directed to the NEFSC Human Resources Liaison.

The NEFSC values diversity. The NEFSC seeks to build a diverse and inclusive workforce, and we encourage intern and job applications from populations under-represented in marine sciences – this includes African American, Cape Verdean, Hispanic, Native American, Native Alaskan, and Pacific Islander students and job seekers.

Academic Programs Office

George Liles
Director of Academic Programs
E-mail: George.liles@noaa.gov

Kwanza Johnson
Academic Programs Coordinator
Office: (508) 495-2177
E-mail: kwanza.johnson@noaa.gov


The NEFSC conducts ecosystem-based research and assessments of living marine resources, with a focus on the Northeast Shelf, to promote the recovery and long-term sustainability of these resources, and to generate social and economic opportunities and benefits from their use.

NEFSC employs approximately 225 scientists, administrators, and support personnel working at labs in Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and New Jersey. NEFSC federal job openings are posted at USAJOBS and are filled through the federal hiring process.

The NEFSC work force is augmented by Contract employees who work for private companies that provide NEFSC with services that include science, administration, and other support services. Contract positions are posted on the Integrated Statistics site.

Graduates of NOAA-supported educational programs, and colleges and universities supported by NOAA Education Programs, may participate in the NOAA NEFSC Talent for the 21st Century Program. This offers Term Employment in the excepted service. Department policy requires satisfactory completion of a two-year (2) trial period but may be extended for an additional period of time not to exceed four years.

Other Opportunities

The NEFSC labs and our partner organizations offer a number of other programs, events, and activities that provide information about and experiences in fisheries science.

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