Advisory 2014 - No. 1

Fall Zooplankton Biomass - Northeast Shelf Ecosystem

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Georges Bank fall zooplankton biomass
Georges Bank (GBK)
Gulf of Maine fall zooplankton biomass
Gulf of Maine (GOM)
Middle Atlantic Bight fall zooplankton biomass
Middle Atlantic Bight (MAB)
Scotian Shelf fall zooplankton biomass
Scotian Shelf (SCS)

The biomass of zooplankton showed a range of response in different ecoregions of the Northeast Shelf during fall 2013. Zooplankon biomass is represented with two biovolume indices, a density index (cm3 100m-3) indicating the volume of zooplankton to a volume of seawater; and, a per area index (cm3 m-2) which provides an estimate of zooplankton volume throughout the water column for an area of the ocean surface. Middle Atlantic Bight and Scotian Shelf biovolumes (see figures) were slightly above average during fall 2013; wheras, the Gulf of Maine index was slightly below average. Biovolume was approximately at the time series average level on Georges Bank.
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(File Modified May. 06 2014)