Fishery Stock Assessments at the NEFSC

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Fishery stock assessments provide the scientific basis for ensuring sustainable fishery harvests. Assessment scientists use a variety of information about harvested stocks to model the population’s vital statistics: the number of individuals, their ages, and reproductive success, for example. From this information they can estimate current and future stock condition under different harvest rates. They can increasingly account for environmental effects such as ocean warming, a major new feature in the waters we study. In the Northeast, our center manages assessment development, review, and reporting, and involve federal, state, academic, and other scientists in the process.

Stock Assessment Workshop

A formal scientific peer-review process for evaluating and presenting stock assessment results to managers for fish stocks in the offshore US waters of the northwest Atlantic. Learn more »

Operational Assessments 2019

In 2019 we will update assessments for a number of stocks by adding catch and survey data collected since the last assessment through 2018. Learn more »

Benchmark Stock Assessments 2018

Benchmark assessments allow all elements of the assessment to be revisited and tested, including data, models and methods. Learn more »

Transboundary Resource Assessment Committee

TRAC conducts and reviews the stock assessments necessary to support management activities for shared resources across the US/Canada boundary. Learn more »

infographic showing the NOAA Fisheries stock assessment process